Seminar Cyfraith Hywel

The next meeting of Seminar Cyfraith Hywel will be held on Saturday, 6 April, at the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, Aberystwyth. Programme to follow.

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Seminar Cyfraith Hywel is the scholarly group which focuses on the study of Cyfraith Hywel. Established following a suggestion by Morfydd E. Owen, and continuing from a number of Colloquia on Welsh Medieval Law held at Aberystwyth, the seminar now meets twice a year to discuss matters of Welsh law, and has published several volumes of essays and edited texts on various aspects of the laws.

Past meetings
New Law Manuscript Sigla
Dafydd Jenkins (1911–2012)

The aims of Seminar Cyfraith Hywel:

1. To bring together those actively interested in the study of the law of Hywel in order to pursue the study of specific topics relevant to that law;
2. To encourage the publication of articles and books in the field;
3. To nurture the research of a younger generation.

Current officers:

President: Professor Thomas Charles-Edwards
Secretary: Dr Sara Elin Roberts

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