Plaints in Mediaeval Welsh Law - Dr Sara Elin Roberts

'Plaints in Mediaeval Welsh Law' The Journal of Celtic Studies 4 (2004), 219-261.

'More Plaints in Medieval Welsh Law' Studia Celtica 48 (2014), 171-199.

The Text

The printed works should be cited in any reference to this work.

The model plaints edited here are examples of how to start a case in law, and set out the inital complaint. They are found in the tails of certain manuscripts, and very few examples occur. There are two collections of plaints, one from south Wales in manuscript Q of the laws, and a collection of plaints in a lost manuscript from north east Wales in the hand of Gutun Owain. Plaints also occur in manuscripts Bost and K. See also under 'plaints' in the databases.

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