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IorwerthLaws of CourtPrologue1r1-1v2Rhagymadrodd VCIor 1.1-1.6
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe Twenty-four Officers1v2-1v22VC I.i.1-2, VC I.i.4Ior 2.1-2.4
IorwerthLaws of CourtKing's sarhaed1v23-2r10VC I.i.5-VC I.ii.3Ior 3.1-3.5
IorwerthLaws of CourtQueen's sarhaed2r11-2r15VC I.iii.1Ior 3.6-3.7
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe king's company2r15-2r20VC I.iv.1Ior 3.8
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe Heir-apparent2r21-3r2VC I.v.1-VC I.v.13Ior 4.1-4.18
IorwerthLaws of CourtOrder of the Court3r3-3r20VC 5.1-5.8
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersCaptain of the Household3r20-4v11VC I.vii.1-VC I.vii.23Ior 6.1-6.31
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersOffeiriad Teulu4v12-5r2VC I.viii.1-VC I.viii.15Ior 7.1-7.14
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersDistain (apparitor)5r3-5v23VC I.ix.2-VC I.ix.25Ior 8.1-8.24
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersFalconer5v24-6r24VC I.x.2-VC I.x.18Ior 9.1-9.18
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersCourt Justice6r25-7r2VC I.xi.2-VC I.xi.20Ior 10.1-10.21
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChief groom7r3-7v4VC I.xii.2-VC I.xii.18Ior 11.1-11.16
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChamberlain7v5-7v20VC I.xiii.2-VC I.xiii.12Ior 12.1-12.9
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersCourt poet7v21-8r8VC I.xiv.2-VC I.xiv.13Ior 13.1-13.13
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersSilentiary8r9-8r25VC I.xv.2-VC I.xv.15Ior 14.1-14.13
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChief Huntsman8r26-9r16VC I.xvi.2-VC I.xvi.16Ior 15.1-15.22
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersMead Brewer9r17-9r30VC I.xvii.2-VC I.xvii.9Ior 16.1-16.8
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersMediciner9r31-9v18VC I.xviii.2-VC I.xviii.18Ior 17.1-17.14
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersButler9v19-9v35VC I.xix.2-VC I.xix.15Ior 18.1-18.13
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersDoorkeeper10r1-10r23VC I.xx.2-VC I.xx.17Ior 19.1-19.15
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersCook10r24-10v7VC I.xxi.2-VC I.xxi.14Ior 20.1-20.13
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe King's OfficersChandler10v8-10v23VC I.xxii.2-VC I.xxii.15Ior 21.1-21.13
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe Queen's OfficersIntroduction10v24-10v26Rhwng penodau yn ALIor 22.1
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe Queen's OfficersQueen's Distain10v26-11r10VC I.xxiii.2-VC I.xxiii.13Ior 22.2-22.11
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe Queen's OfficersQueen's Priest11r11-11r22VC I.xxiv.2-VC I.xxiv.11Ior 23.1-23.10
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe Queen's OfficersQueen's Chief Groom11r23-11v6VC I.xxv.2-VC I.xxv.8Ior 24.1-24.6
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe Queen's OfficersQueen's Chamberlain11v7-11v17VC I.xxvi.2-VC I.xxvi.10Ior 25.1-25.8
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe Queen's OfficersHandmaid11v18-11v24VC I.xxvii.2-VC I.xxvii.7Ior 26.1-26.5
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe Queen's OfficersQueen's doorkeeper11v25-11v33VC I.xxviii.2-VC I.xxviii.9Ior 27.1-27.7
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe Queen's OfficersQueen's Cook12r1-12r8VC I.xxix.2-VC I.xxix.8Ior 28.1-28.6
IorwerthLaws of CourtThe Queen's OfficersQueen's Chandler12r9-12r17VC 29.1-29.6
IorwerthLaws of CourtAdditional OfficersIntroduction12r18-12r24Rhwng penodau yn AL, VC I.xxxi.1-VC I.xxxi.11Ior 30.1-30.2
IorwerthLaws of CourtAdditional OfficersGroom of the Rein12r25-12v7VC I.xxxii.2-VC I.xxxii.12Ior 31.1-31.11
IorwerthLaws of CourtAdditional OfficersFootholder12v8-12v16VC I.xxxiii.2-VC I.xxxiii.8Ior 32.1-32.6
IorwerthLaws of CourtAdditional OfficersDung maer12v17-12v32VC I.xxxiv.2-VC I.xxxiv.17Ior 33.1-33.15
IorwerthLaws of CourtAdditional OfficersRhingyll12v33-13r27VC I.xxxv.2-VC I.xxxv.16Ior 34.1-34.12
IorwerthLaws of CourtAdditional OfficersPorter13r28-13v16VC I.xxxvi.2-VC I.xxxvi.16Ior 35.1-35.14
IorwerthLaws of CourtAdditional OfficersWatchman13v17-14r1VC I.xxxvii.2-VC I.xxxvii.8Ior 36.1-36.6
IorwerthLaws of CourtAdditional OfficersFueller14r2-14r15VC I.xxxviii.2-VC I.xxxviii.9Ior 37.1-37.7
IorwerthLaws of CourtAdditional OfficersBakeress14r16-14r23VC I.xxxvix.2-VC I.xxxvix.6Ior 38.1-38.5
IorwerthLaws of CourtAdditional OfficersCourt Blacksmith14r24-14rv9VC I.xl.2-VC I.xl.10Ior 39.1-39.8
IorwerthLaws of CourtAdditional OfficersChief of song14v10-14v21VC I.xli.2-VC I.xli.12Ior 40.1-40.10
IorwerthLaws of CourtAdditional OfficersLaunderess14v22-14v26VC I.xlii.2-VC I.xlii.4Ior 41.1-41.3
IorwerthLaws of CourtOther thingsTriad collection14v27-15r24Rhwng penodau yn AL, VC I.xliii.1-VC I.xliii.11Ior 42.1-42.13
IorwerthLaws of CourtOther thingsEight packhorses of the king15r25-15r27VC I.xliii.12Ior 43.1
IorwerthLaws of CourtOther thingsKing's rights15r28-15v19VC I.xliii.13-VC I.xliii.21Ior 43.2-43.13
IorwerthLaws of CountryNine tongued-ones15v20-16r20Rhwng penodau yn AL, VC II.iv.1-VC II.iv.9Ior 56.1-56.9
IorwerthLaws of CountryWomen17r1-21r26VC II.i.1-VC II.i.82;VC II.iii.1-VC II.iii.2Ior 44.1-55.16
IorwerthLaws of CountryPrivileges of Arfon21r26-21v28VC II.ii.1-VC II.ii.14
IorwerthLaws of CountryInjury to an animal22r1-22r22VC II.v.1-VC II.v.5Ior 57.1-57.6
IorwerthLaws of CountryPleadings22r22-22v31VC 58.1-60.7
IorwerthLaws of CountrySuretyship22v31-25r17VC 61.1-67.4
IorwerthLaws of CountryBriduw25r18-25r36VC II.vii.1-VC II.vii.4Ior 68.1-68.10
IorwerthLaws of CountryContract25v1-25v24VC II.viii.1-VC II.viii.11Ior 69.1-69.13
IorwerthLaws of CountryWarranty25v25-26r1VC II.ix.1-VC II.ix.4Ior 70.1-70.5
IorwerthLaws of CountryChurch protection26r1-26r25VC II.x.1-VC II.x.9Ior 71.1-71.13
IorwerthLaws of CountryLand lawCase for land26r26-29r32 BwlchVC II.xi.1-VC II.xi.53Ior 72.1-81.11
IorwerthTest BookThree Columns of LawNine abetments of theftBwlch 31r1-31r13VC III.ii.1-VC III.ii.58Ior 111.1-115.21
IorwerthTest BookThree Columns of LawNine abetments of fire31r14-32r16VC III.iii.1-VC III.iii.31Ior 116.1-120.6
IorwerthTest BookThree Columns of LawNine abetments of theft32r16-32r21VC III.ii.1-VC III.ii.58Ior 111.1-115.21
IorwerthTest BookValue of Wild and TameHorses32r21-33v12VC III.iv.1-VC III.v.6Ior 121.1-125.2
IorwerthTest BookValue of Wild and TameCattle and oxen33v13-34v24VC III.vii.6Ior 127.1-128.9
IorwerthTest BookValue of Wild and TamePigs34v25-35r9VC III.viii.1-VC III.viii.7Ior 129.1-129.7
IorwerthTest BookValue of Wild and TameSheep and goats35r10-35r22VC III.ix.1-VC III.x.5Ior 130.1-130.8
IorwerthTest BookValue of Wild and TameCats35r23-35v3VC III.xi.1-VC III.xi.6Ior 131.4-131.5
IorwerthTest BookValue of Wild and TameGeese and chickens35v4-35v14VC III.xii.1-VC III.xiii.5Ior 132.1-132.4
IorwerthTest BookValue of Wild and TameDogs35v15-36r4VC III.xiv.1-VC III.xiv.18Ior 133.1-133.6
IorwerthTest BookValue of Wild and TameFalcons36r5-36r13VC III.xv.1-VC III.xv.10Ior 134.1-134.3
IorwerthTest BookValue of Wild and TameBees36r14-36r24VC III.xvi.1-VC III.xvi.10Ior 135.1-135.5
IorwerthTest BookValue of Wild and TameHunting36r25-37r9VC III.xvii.1-VC III.xviii.7Ior 136.1-137.5
IorwerthTest BookValue of Wild and TameSkins37r10-37r14VC III.xix.1-VC III.xix.12Ior 137.6
IorwerthTest BookValue of Wild and TameTrees37r15-37v21VC III.xx.1-VC III.xx.17Ior 138.1-138.13
IorwerthTest Book AppendixIntroduction37v22-37v24Rhwng penodau yn ALIor 139.1
IorwerthTest Book AppendixHouses37v24-38r13VC III.xxi.1-VC III.xxi.6Ior 139.2-139.7
IorwerthTest Book AppendixValuesEquipment, furniture, weapons38r13-40vb19VC III.xxii.1-VC III.xxii.251Ior 140.1-145.12
IorwerthTest Book AppendixThe value of limbs40v20b-41v25VC III.xxiii.1-VC III.xxiii.30Ior 146.1-147.17
IorwerthTest Book AppendixCo-tillage42r1-44v4VC III.xxiv.1-VC III.xxiv.29Ior 148.1-153.3
IorwerthTest Book AppendixCorn Damage44v5-48r27VC III.xxv.1-VC III.xxv.46Ior 154.1-160.9
ArallYchwanegion ADamweiniau I48v1-52v29

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