Machlud Cyfraith Hywel: golygiad o BL Add 22356 - Christine James

1. Tudalennau Rhagarweiniol a'r Rhagymadrodd Introductory Pages and the Introduction
2. Testun Beirniadol Critical Edition
3. Nodiadau Testunol Textual Notes
4. Consbectws 1 a 2 Conspectuses 1 and 2
5. Geirfa a Mynegai i Enwau Priod Glossary and Index to Personal Names
6. Llyfryddiaeth a Byrfoddau Bibliography and Abbreviations

The Volume

It would not be excessive to describe manuscript BL Add. 22356 – or S as it is known amongst scholars in the field - as one of the high points of the manuscript tradition of Cyfraith Hywel. In this new edition, which includes a full introduction, a critical edition, notes and indexes, we are guided through a large and ambitious lawbook, one which reflects a very rich legal and cultural milieu. The first part of S is an edited version of the Llyfr Blegywryd text, but there are substantial additions to that core text, which mean that S is a highly significant text in terms of the development of the lawbooks by the second half of the fifteenth century. As one of the last law manuscripts to be copied whilst Cyfraith Hywel was still a living legal system, S is without doubt the one legal text which shows all the colours of the sunset at their finest – before Henry VIII drew the blinds on native law by passing the Laws in Wales Acts (or Acts of Union) in the second quarter of the sixteenth century.
this is one of the manuscripts which are not available anywhere else, see the full list.

Dr Christine James

Dr Christine James is Associate Professor in the Welsh Department, Academi Hywel Teifi, Swansea University. Her main area of academic research is the literature of the middle ages and the early modern period, in particular the manuscripts of Cyfraith Hywel and religious texts, and she has published a number of substantial articles in these areas over the years. She is also interested in free verse poetry of the sixteenth century, and the ‘baledi newyddiadurol’ from the time of Elizabeth I, and she is an authority on the literature of the south-east Wales valleys. Christine James is also a national chief bard, and she is the first woman ever to be elected as Archdruid of Wales.

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