Tractates or sections

Jenkins, D., and M. E. Owen, (eds.), The Welsh Law of Women, (Cardiff, 1980).
A study of the law of women tractate.
Texts and translations:
D. Jenkins, ‘The “Cyfnerth” Text’, 132-145.
Fletcher, I. F., ‘The Text of Latin Redaction A’, 147-159. [Text taken from The Latin Texts of the Welsh Laws.]
T. M. Charles-Edwards, ‘The “Iorwerth” Text’, 161-185.

Charles-Edwards, T. M., M. E. Owen and D. B. Walters (eds.), Lawyers and Laymen: Studies in the History of Law Presented to Professor Dafydd Jenkins on his seventy-fifth birthday, Gŵyl Ddewi 1986 (Cardiff, 1986).
A study of the suretyship tractate.
Texts and translations:
T. M. Charles-Edwards, ‘The ‘Iorwerth’ Text’, 137-178.
M. E. Owen, ‘The ‘Cyfnerth’ Text’, 179-200.
H. Davies, ‘Latin Redaction E’, 202-209.

Charles-Edwards, T. M., M. Owen, and P. Russell (eds.), The Welsh King and His Court (Cardiff, 2000).
A study of the Laws of Court tractate.
Texts and translations:
M. E. Owen, ‘The Laws of Court from Cyfnerth’, 425-477.
P. Russell, ‘The Laws of Court from Latin B’, 478-526.
M. E. Owen, ‘Royal Propaganda: Stories from the Law-Texts’, 224-254.
P. Russell, ‘Nósa Ua Maine: The Customs of the Uí Mhaine’, 527-551.
P. Russell, ‘Canu i Swyddogion Llys y Brenin’, 552-560.

Charles-Edwards, T. M., and P. Russell (eds.), Tair Colofn Cyfraith The Three Columns of Law in Medieval Wales: Homicide, Theft and Fire, Cymdeithas Hanes Cyfraith Cymru 5 (Bangor, 2005).
A study of the Three Columns of Law tractate.
Texts and translations:
M. E. Owen, ‘The Excerpta de Libris Romanorum et Francorum and Welsh Law’, 171-195.
P. Russell, ‘Latin D’, 213-237.
M. E. Owen, ‘Cyfnerth Manuscript X’, 238-257.
T. M. Charles-Edwards, ‘Iorwerth Manuscript E (and B)’, 258-307.

Roberts, S. E., The Legal Triads of Medieval Wales (Cardiff, 2007).
A study of the triad collection in the law manuscripts.

Russell, P., The Prologues to the Mediaeval Welsh Lawbooks, Basic Texts for Brittonic History 3 (Cambridge, Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic, 2004).
Texts of the Prologues from the different redactions.

Wade-Evans, A. W., ‘Text of Pen. MS. 37 (fols. 61-76) with Translation’, Y Cymmrodor 17 (1904), 129-163.
The collection of damweiniau in manuscript U.

Wiliam, A. Rh., (ed.), Llyfr Cynog, Pamffledi Cyfraith Hywel (Aberystwyth, 1990).
Sections purporting to be a copy of Llyfr Cynog.

Charles-Edwards, T. M., ‘The Seven Bishop-Houses of Dyfed’, Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies 24 (1970-72), 247-262.
An edition and study of the short section on the seven bishop-houses.

Charles-Edwards, T. M., and F. Kelly, Bechbretha (1983).
An edition and translation of the sections on bees from the Welsh texts.

Roberts, S. E., ‘Plaints in Welsh Medieval Law’, Journal of Celtic Studies 4 (2004), 219-261.
An edition and translation of the collection of plaints in manuscript Q.

Jenkins, D., (ed.), Damweiniau Colan (Aberystwyth, 1973).
The second part of Colan, and a text of the book of damweiniau.

Jenkins, D., Agricultural Co-Operation in Welsh Medieval Law (National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, 1982).
Edited text of the joint-ploughing, cyfar, section.

Roberts, S. E., ‘Legal Practice in Fifteenth-Century Brycheiniog’, Studia Celtica 35 (2001), 307-323.
A fifteenth-century legal text found in Peniarth 67. Includes English translation.


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