Lladin/Latin: Lat A – Peniarth 28 | Lat B – Cotton Vespasian E XI 1 | Lat C – Harleian 1796 | Lat D – Rawlinson C 821 | Lat E – Corpus Christi College, Cambridge 454

Rawlinson C 821

Siglum: Latin D

Redaction: Lladin

Date: s.xiii/xiv

Description: 90ff.
Latin D of the Latin texts. A form of the text translated to form the Blegywryd redaction.

p. 1, p. Iv: Tair Colofn Cyfraith: The Three Columns of Law in Medieval Wales, ed. T. M. Charles-Edwards and P. Russell (Bangor, 2007), p. 202, p. 201.
p. 1, p. 3, p. 25, p. 39: P. Russell, Welsh Law in Medieval Anglesey. British Library Harleian MS 1796 (Latin C) (Cambridge, 2011), p. xlv, xlvi, xlvii, xlviii.

H. D. Emanuel, The Latin Texts of the Welsh Laws (Cardiff, 1967).

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