Lladin/Latin: Lat A – Peniarth 28 | Lat B – Cotton Vespasian E XI 1 | Lat C – Harleian 1796 | Lat D – Rawlinson C 821 | Lat E – Corpus Christi College, Cambridge 454

Harleian 1796

Siglum: Latin C

Redaction: Lladin

Date: s.xiii med

Description: 26ff.
Latin C of the Latin texts. Badly damaged with much material missing.
References to Ancient Laws: LHB = Leges Howeli Boni, Ancient Laws (Latin C, chapter, sentence. Where numbering in the text comes to an end, reference is given to page and line in the Quarto edition.)


H. D. Emanuel, The Latin Texts of the Welsh Laws (Cardiff, 1967).

Russell, P., Welsh Law in Medieval Anglesey. British Library, Harleian MS 1796 (Latin C), Texts and Studies in Medieval Welsh Law II (Cambridge, 2011).
In this work by Prof Paul Russell, there is a very valuable and detailed conspectus. Our debt to Prof Russell’s work in this table is acknowledged, and it is based on his work. We thank him for generously allowing us to use his work. In any work using this manuscript or deriving from the table on this website, reference should be made to Prof Russell’s book.

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