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Peniarth 30

Siglum: Col, Llyfr Colan

Redaction: Iorwerth

Date: s.xiii med

Description: 92ff.
Based on Iorwerth but a revised version. Several quires are missing. Damweiniau I and Damweiniau II.

Fols. 37v-38r: Llyfr Colan. Y Gyfraith Gymreig yn ôl Hanner Cyntaf Llawysgrif Peniarth 30, ed. D Jenkins (Cardiff, 1963), front.

D. Jenkins, (ed.), Llyfr Colan (Cardiff, 1963).
D. Jenkins, D., Damweiniau Colan (Aberystwyth, 1973).
13th Century Welsh Manuscripts

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