The Damweiniau

User Guide

This database lists every item in the Book of Damweiniau, and it is possible to compare and see in which manuscripts the material occurs.
It is possible to search according to keyword, or the subject of the damweiniau; the damweiniau are often listed under more than one subject.

To filter to see some manuscripts only - click in the boxes after the manuscript name. It is possible to show more than one manuscript simultaneously.
To search by subject, chose one of the themes in the 'Subject' menu, and each damwain listed under that heading will be shown. List of subjects


DwC = Damweiniau Colan, ed. D. Jenkins (Aberystwyth, 1973).
AL = Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales, ed. A. Owen (London, 1841).
Manuscripts: these contain a copy, or a partial copy, of the Book of Damweiniau.
U, G, A, E, Lew, D, F, K, Col, Q, Ep, J

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