The Contents of Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales

The following files look at each section of Ancient Laws individually, showing what is contained in each section (using the titles as they appear in the volume), and giving cross references for the manuscripts used, including the manuscript used for the base text and the ones used as cross references.

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Volume I

Volume I presents the three Codes.

The Venedotian Code - Dull Gwynedd
The Dimetian Code - Dull Dyfed
The Gwentian Code - Dull Gwent

Volume II

The 'Anomalous Laws'.

Book IV
Book V
Book VI
Book VII
Book IX
Book X

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Book XI
Book XII
Book XIII was a forgery by Iolo Morganwg
Book XIV
Leges Wallicae - Latin A
Leges Howeli Boni - Latin B
Leges Howeli Boni - Latin C

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